Contest Starting Soon

Contest Starting Soon

We are going to start this blog with a contest. This contest is a raffle and who ever wins gets the prize. Below, is the list of Prizes. If you just chose a prize, you may chose two items, if you chose a full costume you get one choice


Spaghetti Costume

Zeus Lightning Bolt

Chain Saw

Rope Mouth + Beard

Dog Costume

Tiki Hat

White Bolt

Closed Eyes

Colorful Gum



Binary Bard

Dr Hare

Captain Crawfish


Tiki Costume

Dream Guardian

Light Ninja

This is only the first contest. later as we go the items might be the same or more rare.


1. Email Me:

2. Tell me the items you want ( Items: 2) (Costumes: 1)

3. We’ll see who wins the contest


Contest RULES!!!

1. Don’t Add More Items!- this means don’t add more than 1 costume or more than two items. if you do so i won’t pick you.

2. Don’t Enter 2+ Times!- if you do, you will not be picked

3. Dont do anything else to cheat

~ Good Luck ~

Mighty Thunder














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