Bad News

Bad News

only 2 people entered our last contest and we couldn’t do it so when we get to 2000 views, we will have a BIG party and a new contest

Poptropica Creepy Pasta Contest!!!

Poptropica Creepy Pasta Contest!!!

We have now started a new page called poptropica creepy pasta and we will be having a contest on the best one.  who ever has the best one wins.  winner gets there creepy pasta on our page and they get full credit!  awesome! Contest starts now email us for questions, thx Mighty T



Since we have 1000 views, we promised a new contest so here it is.  Rules, dO NOT ENTER MORE THAN ONCE!

ok here are the prizes

Transformers shirt

Diamond Drill

Paint Brush


Hypno Eyes

Palm Tree Glasses

Green Knight (without laser lance)

Dr Hare

Knight hare (blue one)

Virus Hunter Legs

How to ENTER: You guys will email me @ and u show me ur most rare costume.  This is a judging contest, u will show us ur items for Rare, Then Fashion, and we’ll add up the scores.  The judging will be by me cc500 and grumpy wolf, email us for questions THX ~MT~