Dr Hare Contest!!!

Dr Hare Contest!!!

Since we have 500 views, heres the contest.  The contest is at the party!  Its a dress up contest.  You have to dress up like something rare or very creative.  Here are the prizes

1st Place- Dr Hare and Night Hare and Shadow Hare and Light Hare

2nd Place- Night Hare and your choice of Light Hare OR Shadow Hare

3rd Place- Light hare OR Shadow Hare

4th Place- Nothing

Make sure you be at the party for great chances to win great prices.  The party is on 9/5/14 (2 more days) at 8:30-9:00 PM.  If you have any questions email me at cknoet719@triad.rr.com and i will reply as soon as i can Thx~ The Mighty Thunder ~


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