Grumpy Wolf’s Contest!

Grumpy Wolf’s Contest!

Hello there, viewers! I am going to hold a give-away on rare items, and there will be THREE whole winners picked! One of each category! (Full costume, Specific Items, and Special Items).

Moving on!

Email me at, and tell me which costume, item(s) or special items(s) you would like. I will be choosing randomly, not by the relationship of the player who emails me.

The full costume accounts:

Dr Hare Outfit

Binary Bard Outfit

Golden Robot

Ice Cream Outfit

Carrot Outfit

Any monster carnival outfit from anybody that you would like. Eg: Ringmaster Raven, Green Monster, Brown Monster

Specific Items:

Roped Mouth

Froot Loops Staff

White Lightning Bolt

Zeus’ Lightning Weapon


El Mustachio’s Sombrero

Palm Tree Glasses

Cup of Black Juice

Special Items:

Hypno Eyes

Money Hat + Money Eyes

Closed Eyes

No Eyes


ONLY pick one of the following: 3 regular items, 2 special items, or 1 outfit, otherwise, you will be DISQUALIFIED.

Do not ask me where I have obtained these items. That is strictly private.

Do not ask for any items besides the ones listed.

If you have these items, don’t ask for a list of “better” items instead.


Hope to see you register into the contest!

Grumpy Wolf

Oh yes silly me! I did forget. The contest will END on September 10th, 2014. I will pick the winners then.



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