But it Now (NEW Ulimate Page)

But it Now (NEW Ulimate Page)

The ultimate page is a page where I post ALL MY Rares (unless I can’t share) but everything there is very rare from me and the help from Cc500 and grumpy wolf. Here are the prices or how to get in

1 month= $40.00
6 months= $80.00
12 months= $110.00 Best Offer

or get in for free
Either u get me The mad eyes or yellow eye bird beak from monster carnival ( Mad eyes is 1 month and Beak is 2 months) email me @cknoet719@triad.rr.com for any questions or if interested in buying (it’s pretty much every rare thing I have more rare than the VIP)


8 thoughts on “But it Now (NEW Ulimate Page)

  1. You know dude, it aint smart to charge people just for glitches. I’d rather discover the glitches my self instead of paying money, plus we cant trust you, you might just scam us.


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