big news guys! MT is back ans has returned, if you wanna find me ill usually be at under the alt Mighty Thuder, Zenji, or Yahir, i have also been hacked and me and Keith Sammut are working together to get it back, and hack the person who did it, EHEHEHM, come to the chat if u ever wanna talk :)- MT

Fan Mail

Fan Mail

this is Mighty Thunder, the owner of this blog, and if you would like to trade me, ask questions, or just talk, then email me @

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Contest #2!!!

Contest #2!!!

Hey guys its me MT and i hope you are ready for this contest.  Here is how to enter

If you are picking a prize, you get two choose two items, if you are picking a costume, you get one costume

1. Pick 2 Prizes OR Pick 1 Costume



Kitty Bag


Cool Kid Plush

Thinknoodles Glasses

Captain Hat

Ice Staff

Laser Lance

Bird Nose

Orange Sun Glasses

Costumes (choose 1) only if u didn’t choose a prize

Green Astro Knights Costume

Ice Astro Knights Costume

Binary Bard Costume

Zeus Costume

Ice Cream Costume

Thinknoddles Costume

Virus Hunter Virus Bug Costume

Black Robin Hood Costume

Those are it

How to enter!!

Email me at the prizes or costume you want. OR YOU CAN enter by commenting your avatar studio link of yourself. (got this idea from slantedfish) but make sure u keep that costume till the contest ends.  The contest will take place at our party.  It is a themed party.  since were going into halloween, you have to email me your halloween costume with u or u have to be at the party (next party we have) so if u miss the party, email me your avatar wearing a cool halloween costume. 🙂


1. DO NOT enter more than once! That can lead to disqualification

2.  Don’t ask for items free on my email! If u do u can not participate in any other contest

3. Choose 2 Prizes OR 1 costume. You can’t do more than that

Please Enter!!!

i can’t wait for the results, plz enter thank you!!1

Mighty Thunder