Welcome to the page where nightmares come to life. Here CaptainCrawfish500 and Mighty Thunder will share  some horrifying tales of Poptropica that will give you the shivers.

 1. Monster Carnival Mystery-

When Poptropica Started out in 2007, there were only a few islands that existed such as Early Poptropica and Shark  Tooth Island. But in 2008, the fourth island being Monster Carnival Island, appeared on the map with even a message that said “coming soon.” Everyone was excited for the release until the island suddenly disappeared and was quickly replaced with 24 Carrot Island. No one officially knew why the island disappeared. A few weeks after the  Monster Carnival disappearance,  one person stated that he came upon  a mysterious looking walkthrough. As he was watching it, he came across a particular scene which he called, ” The Demon Dungeon.” It was a scene where a boy and a girl poptropican were dragged against their will into a secret and secluded room by two dark and disturbing apparitions with red glowing  eyes. Then the doors shut, giving a loud eerie sound and a series of horrifying and blood curdling screams and moans that went on and off. After the series of screams and moans, the scene went black. Soon after, random horrifying images started to appeared that  flashed on and off showing mangled and mutilated faces that were too scary for any child to see. After that, the walkthrough disappeared leaving no trace and the person who discovered it, didn’t respond back.

Years later, a random Poptropican character showed up on the avatar studio going by the  username of monstercarnival2012. When you friend him, you will see that he has four friends. Those four friends are said to be the ill fated boy and girl and the two demonic apparitions. Sadly enough, no one knows what the boy, girl, and demonic apparitions looked like. But it is certain that the original Monster Carnival was more dark and disturbing than you would possibly think.

 2. Omegon  is  E.VILE-
 I Remember when the release of Poptropicon 2 was out. You could sense that everyone was just dying for the release. But when I played through the island I noticed something unusual at the very end. Was it a coincidence? The answer was a shocking no.
Take a look at this picture of the original E.VILE and his robot army from Legendary Swords:

On the down right corner, you see the original design of the robot that was used and created by E.VILE.  

Seems like that is not a big deal but take a closer look at the robot that was following Omegon:
Notice the eerie similarities in the designs of robots for the eyes, head, and body from both Poptropicon 2 and Legendary Swords. That cant just be a simple coincidence, they had to be upgraded.
Now lets look at E.VILE and Omegon,  lets see what each say
Look how E.VILE  says that the invasion of Poptropica. E.VILE says, ” You may have delayed my plans, but the invasion of poptropica will still come to pass!” Does this mean that after so many years this event occurred, the invasion is finally taking place on Poptropicon? Let’s fast forward in time and let’s take a look at Omegon.
 When Omegon makes his first sudden appearance the stage of Poptropicon 2, notice how he says ” Bow to Omegon!” Does this mean he finally succeeded on his invasion that he was planning long and hard like E.VILE? Or when he said, “I have come to destroy the Mighty Action Force,” Does this mean that he plans to destroy Mighty Action Force first on his list? Could the Mighty Action Force be a secret military base for authorized Poptropican personnel Also, when talking to E.VILE on Legendary Swords, your Poptropican says, “ Never! You have to come face me yourself!” Does this mean E.VILE, in a different form, is coming for you? Now I have also discovered something, notice how Omegon and E.VILE look completely different? Could this be that E.VILE is hiding his identity in a different suit so he wont be easily recognized? Lastly, on Poptropicon 2 there is a common room that once you go in it, you see the whole common room all about legendary swords and especially E.VILE and his robots. Why is it there? The evidence is overwhelming. Omegon is the upgraded E.VILE.

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