Poptropica SPC

SCP-0.1-Danger Dog



Back long ago was a strange creature named Cerberus. People say he is just myth but you will realize that saying it was a myth, is a myth. Cerberus will attack you if you make any noise whatsoever. If you look a Cerberus you notice he has a spiked collar on him. if you look at that collar to long, the dog Cerberus will form more heads and attack you until you die. Cerberus has three heads. if you make any noise or look at the collar, he can form from 5-10 heads. the more heads the deadlier your fate will be.

-0.2-Trap Toy

The Trap Toy are 2 weird looking chains that go around your legs.  Before you ever see one on your leg, you will notice three things.  One, your leg will start to hurt very badly.  Two, you will see i block line go through your leg as if you were being cut with a knife.  Three, you will see flashes of black and white.  If u have this one your leg it can be very dangerous.  If you dare try to move, the ball controls you.  The balls trap you and hurt you a lot.  They can put you on fire, drown you, or cut you.  Anyway you will have to choose your fate.  Die  from the ball, or kill yourself.



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